Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunities


Our work spans more than two decades and impacts hundreds of people each year.

We invite the business community to partner with us and help us to reach out to many more. Share your time and ideas, invest your CSR funds to fight this deadly disease.

You can help us in our mission to:

  • Set up detection centers, hospitals, nuclear science and pathological labs, and radiation/chemotherapy centers in rural and urban areas.
  • Help provide drugs for cancer treatment at concessional rates/free of charge for poor and needy patients of all forms of cancer, through our Central Drug Repository.
  • Raise funds for at least four, fully-equipped mobile hospitals / screening vans for the northern, southern, western and eastern regions of India, which will further facilitate our ongoing work of 25 years – that of conducting free cancer screening camps in the remotest areas of India.



Without our corporate partners, we’d never be able to do what we do – provide cancer education, screening, and treatment to hundreds of poor patients. Their generosity and tireless efforts allow us to continue striving to save lives.


These companies are our most dedicated partners, who have pitched in with financial support as well as devoting time, resources, energy, and effort. Thanks to their commitment and continual efforts, we get closer each day to fulfilling our mission.

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Some of the different ways you can collaborate with us include:

Payroll Giving:

As a corporate house, you can give your team the opportunity to donate a percentage of funds to cancer patients. This encourages corporate giving and helps create a culture of philanthropy amongst your employees.

Event Sponsorships:

BCPBF organizes several events, including medical conferences, fundraisers and workshops, any of which you can sponsor. These events, attended by renowned doctors, politicians, artists, and media personalities, is an excellent opportunity for your company to exhibit your own work.

Most recently, we successfully held an intensive one-day conference in Gulmarg Kashmir. With the active participation of India’s best cancer experts, thought leaders of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and captains of the pharmaceutical industry, the conference culminated in The Gulmarg Declaration: a set of common guidelines and treatment procedures to be adopted as a routine standard.

What’s in it for you?

  • ASSURANCE: Channel your support through a team of responsible and dedicated professionals. Monitor where your funds are being used, be it a patient or a venture you choose to support.
  • ASSOCIATION: Your distinguished organization will be associated with a patient or venture you choose to support. We will ensure visibility or anonymity, as you prefer.
  • SATISFACTION/JOY: By giving a cancer-afflicted five-year-old child, or a young mother or father from an impoverished background the chance to be diagnosed, treated and possibly healed, you will be sharing with us the joy of giving a poor person the same chances that we have, and possibly, a new lease of life.

Please note that all donors, individuals and brands alike, will be celebrated and featured in the BCPBF ‘Hall of Fame’ on our website. Brands may also be recognized in special and unique ways, depending on the venture they choose to support. We’ll be happy to help you associate with particular aspects of the campaign of your choice and reach an audience you want to target. Let’s talk!