In 2014, scientists from cancer hospitals like India’s Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi and the King’s College, London studied the incidence of cancer in India and abroad. The Economic Times reported on their findings. Cancer databases on India are scarce and not always reliable, because a large number of cases in extremely poor rural areas go undocumented. Yet, the study threw up some disturbing results. India is on the edge of a major cancer epidemic. There are one million cancer cases reported each year. But though this is 15% less than in the United States, whose population is one-third that of India, the study revealed that the number of cases in India is predicted to double in 20 years. For several decades, the doctors of BCPBF have been travelling to remote areas all over the subcontinent at their own expense. Month after month, they conduct free OPDs for poor patients and do their best to provide treatment, medication and palliative care. But often, crucial screening facilities and other equipment are not at hand in such remote areas. For this purpose, the BCPBF urgently needs a mobile hospital. We need your help. PLEASE DONATE TOWARDS HEALING WHEELS. We will run an update here on the funds that come in and their donors and build the mobile hospital, part by part, with your support. We shall keep you informed on every stage of its progress and will display the names of all donors who contribute above USD 5000,- on the sides of the first Healing Wheels hospital and here on our website (unless you wish it otherwise)! If you would rather help by providing equipment, or the required vehicle /van itself, we would be very grateful for your offers and suggestions.