As you are possibly aware, 2.5 million Indians are living with cancer while you read this letter. More than 7 lakh new cases register every year, out of which more than 5.5 lakh die of this disease. Recording data is a fairly recent phenomenon in our country, so not only are we recording the tip of the iceberg, also GLOBOCAN predicts record numbers by 2020 – a true ‘Cancer Epidemic (NICPR) in the making. Individual financial cancer burden in India
estimated at INR 36,812 at a tertiary public hospital (AIIMS) was approximately 1/10th of that at a tertiary private hospital in 2012.

This figure has multiplied 100 fold by now. While a plethora of challenges like Prevention and Early Detection programmes, Inadequate and
eccentrically distributed technical and human resource infrastructure stand in the way of our evolution, Inadequate financial resource is perhaps the Core factor at the national, state and individual levels which limits adequate access to standard cancer care in our country.

‘BCPBF – the Cancer Foundation’ in pursuance of its charter as an advocate of enhanced appropriate, affordable Cancer care in India proposes to hold a deliberatory and recommendatory event –

‘AFFORDABLE CANCER CARE 2017’ at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on 18 November 2017

This exercise endeavors to bring Policy makers in India:
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Biotechnology
• State Health Ministries
• Niti Aayog
• ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research)
• NICPR (National Institute of Cancer Prevention & Research)
• NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority)
• DCGI (Drug Controller General of India)
• MCI (Medical Council of India)

Together with various stakeholders comprising:
• OPPI (Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India)
• IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association)
• Biotech Industry
• Molecular Diagnostic Industry
• Technical infrastructure corporates like Radiation Equipment Manufacturers,
• Proprietors and Management of Tertiary Care & stand alone Cancer Hospitals
• Oncology Opinion Makers
• Insurance & Banking industry
• Print and Electronic Media
• Consumer Patient Advocates
• Regulators

A glimpse of topics to be discussed threadbare are as follows:
1. Patent rights for Health Care Products in India – Do they require tweaking?
2. Orphan Drugs and their relevance in Cancer Care India.
3. Biosimilars in Oncology – the way forward in India.
4. Taxation for Oncology products in India needs revisiting.
5. Pricing for Cancer Care in India – Practicality & Affordability.
6. Health Insurance for Cancer Treatment – products available, evolution.
7. Improving Access to Cancer Diagnostics: Entrepreneurial Strategies
8. Impetus to Research & Development in India.
9. Government Policies in Affordable Cancer Care: “Past, Present and Future – a 20 year
10. Enabling effective tertiary healthcare system in India – A much needed reform
11. Family Ecosystem in cancer care

Experts drawn from above fields shall deliver lectures, indulge in meaningful discussions and contribute towards policy making in India.

As an important stakeholder in health care delivery, we request you to participate wholeheartedly in order to contribute towards increasing access to affordable healthcare in India.It is an excellent opportunity to voice your concerns and suggestions, interact with related industry captains and train your management cadres. We request you to indicate your willingness as quickly as possible given the limited availability of partnering opportunities in this focused conference.

We sincerely hope you shall appreciate this serious attempt to make personalized cancer care affordable across this country and hold hands to accomplish this together.