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As you are possibly aware, 2.5 million Indians are living with cancer while you are read this. More than 7 lakh new cases register every year, out of which more than 5.5 lakh die of this disease. Recording data is a fairly recent phenomenon in our country, so not only are we recording the tip of the iceberg also GLOBOCAN predicts record numbers by 2020, a true ‘Cancer Epidemic (NICPR) in the making. Individual financial cancer burden in India estimated at INR 36,812 at a tertiary public hospital (AIIMS) was approximately 1/10th of that at a tertiary private hospital in 2012.

This figure has multiplied 100 fold by now. While a plethora of challenges like Prevention and Early Detection programmes, Inadequate and eccentrically distributed technical and human resource infrastructure stand in the way of our evolution, Inadequate financial resource is perhaps the Core factor at the national, state and individual levels which limits adequate access to standard cancer care in our country.


Experts drawn from various fields shall deliver lectures, indulge in meaningful discussions and contribute towards policy making in India.


The Emperor of Maladies has continued to assault our fundamental Right to Health Globally. As Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, Maintenance, Palliation and Rehabilitation becomes increasingly capital intensive, we in middle and low income group countries are left with no option but to respond and rise to the challenge.

We at BCPBF The Cancer Foundation are convening this critical event to enable all conscientious and responsible stakeholders to deliberate and suggest affirmations, changes, stimuli to Cancer Policy in India. Holding hands to make a difference. Hope we do!

Dr. Sameer Kaul


Govt of India

Policy Makers

Patient Advocacy Groups

Industry Stakeholders



About the Organizer

Founded in 2004 by Dr Sameer Kaul, a renowned cancer specialist, The Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Foundation (BCPBF) has been actively providing help to financially-constrained cancer patients in India and neighbouring countries. BCPBF is an equal opportunity support organization which comprises of well-known medical professionals, financial experts, entrepreneurs, gutsy survivors and philanthropic members of the community. Its sole purpose is to financially benefit those who cannot afford the treatment and to increase knowledge among those unaware of the disease, by reaching out to them through its awareness camps, public lectures, seminars, corporate health checks and other such events.



Who should

  •  Health Administratives, Govt of India
  •  State Health Ministers & Administrators
  •  Pharmaceutical & Biotech managers, Sales and Product developers, financial managers
  •  Molecular & Laboratory Diagnosticians
  •  Medical Imaging Industry Managers & Doctors
  •  Radiation therapy infrastructure developers, managers & sale persons
  •  Cancer Researchers
  •  Drug & Medical Device Regulators and Registrars
  •  Cancer Physicians, Surgeons, Radiation opinion builders
  •  Consumer Patient Advocates
  •  Tertiary Care Hospital Managers


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