Spare A Dollar Or More Because Every Bit Counts

Cancer can creep up silently and strike anyone, at any time. The privileged among us can seek a cure, provided we are regular with screening and diagnosed early enough for the disease to be captured. But most patients who approach us for help are bitterly poor. We treat them for free at our travelling OPDs, we try our best to cover the expense of their entire treatment, which can sometimes stretch into years, depending on the spread of the disease. We provide as much of their medication as possible through our Central Drug Repository. But it is never enough. Would you please help us to help them by donating a dollar or more? A dollar may seem a drop to you, but it will swell into an ocean of support and will go a long way. We will track your contributions and ensure that you are kept posted on where your money went and how the less unfortunate benefited from it. Thank you for your support !