The global cancer burden is expected to be 28.4 million cases in 2040, a 47% rise from 2020, with a larger increase in transitioning (64% to 95%) versus transitioned (32% to 56%) countries due to demographic changes, although this may be further exacerbated by increasing risk factors associated with globalization and a growing economy. GLOBOCAN predicts record numbers by 2040, a true 'Cancer Epidemic' (NICPR) in the making. Efforts to build a sustainable infrastructure for the dissemination of cancer prevention measures and provision of cancer care in transitioning countries is critical for global cancer control.

4.2 million Indians are living with cancer as you read this. More than 14 lakh new cases register every year, out of which more than 8.5 lakh die of this disease. Individual financial cancer burden in India estimated at INR 36,812 at a tertiary public hospital (AIIMS) was approximately 1/10th of that at a private hospital in 2012. This figure has multiplied more than 100 fold by now. While a plethora of challenges, like Prevention and Early Detection program, inadequate and eccentrically distributed technical and human resource infrastructure stand in the way of our evolution, insufficient financial resource is perhaps the Core factor at the national, state and individual levels which limits appropriate access to standard cancer care in our country. 50% of cancer patients and their families in the country struggle financially to manage care for the disease 'bcpbf - THE CANCER FOUNDATION' in pursuance of its charter as an advocate of enhanced, affordable Cancer care in India proposes to hold a deliberatory and recommendatory event –

'Affordable Cancer Care in India 2022'

Saturday, 14 May 2022, Hotel Oberoi, New Delhi.

Chairman's Message

In the run up to ‘Universal Health Coverage’ we would be naive to ignore major obstacles posed by Global inequalities, dynamic Cancer demographics, and upsurge of translational research. I feel these are formidable challenges at worst not impossible to overcome.
Provided we reaffirm our commitment to achieve our goal from time to time , ponder over and embrace nouvelle strategies to drive ‘ value ‘ into this great game. Is why I implore all eminent stake holders in ‘ transitioning countries’ like ours to join Us at ACCI 2022

Dr Sameer Kaul



Strategies for Affordable/ Value-based Cancer Care in India


Oncology Research, Development, Education in India

Session 3

Pricing, Licensing & Patents - Way to go

Session 4

Financial Support for Cancer Patients

Session 5

Improving Access to Cutting Edge Diagnostics

Session 6

Affordable Cancer Care in India: How Is Our Government Making It Happen

Session 7

Integrated Digital Healthcare Solutions - Entrepreneurial Strategies

Session 8

Getting It Right Between Public and Private Healthcare in India

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