Central Drug Repository


The Foundations most vital program of all is our Central Drug Repository. With the help of well-meaning individuals, corporate entities and pharmaceutical companies, we collect exorbitantly expensive cancer medicines to dispense them free of cost to those whose needs are urgent but are too poor to pay for the life-saving drugs.

This is our determined attempt to provide subsidized/free lifesaving cancer drugs to Below Poverty Line (BPL) patients. We initiated this program in the Indian state of J&K at a public seminar on breast cancer. It was inaugurated by The Honble Chief Minister Shri Farooq Abdullah and was attended by a cross section of Kashmiri society. The participants included nationally- acclaimed surgical, medical and radiation oncologists, policy-makers and the heads of pharmaceutical companies and the biotech industry. The idea was to stimulate thought, debate and action and contribute to the evolution of cancer care in the Valley.Is is the many poignant cases we encounter during the course of our work that motivated us to set up the Central Drug Repository.

Here are just a few, sad stories :-Thirty-year old Hasinas husband could barely make ends meet and was devastated when told that his wife’s breast cancer had spread to her liver and that she urgently needed expensive chemotherapy; Guchhi Devi from faraway Siliguri in eastern India traveled all the way to New Delhi with a few pot and pans, desperate to get some treatment for her bloated tummy which, she was told, was because of ovarian cancer.

It was destiny that guided Ramvilas, who belongs to a remote hamlet in Bihar, from the long queue at Mumbais Tata Memorial Hospital to Delhi to knock on our foundations door. His tongue had bled frequently of late, he had a young daughter whom he missed terribly, to raise but barely a few bighas of land to call his own.

Encountering such heartbreaking cases day after day has only strengthened our resolve to expand and fortify our Central Drug Repository and we would be most thankful for any help that you as an individual, or pharmaceutical companies can give us to do so.



The primary aim of the BCPBF is to raise funds and distribute the same among financially-deprived patients of cancer.
Under our Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Fund, we collect money and spend it on needy patients of breast and other cancers too. At the time of writing this, about 40 patients have been supported by us entirely free of cost and right from the diagnosis to the final stage of maintenance treatment. Some were referred to us by other organizations, others approached us directly for financial help. All requests are evaluated by the Foundations committee and funds released as found appropriate.