Shyamoshree Verma

  • Age : 62 yrs
  • Ca Right Breast

Life sometimes can be awfully rude and unfair! How else can one describe the shocking news of cancer having recurred in Shyamoshree’s life, after having successfully battled breast cancer the year before with her loving husband Santosh’s help? A life spent in teaching children had been fulfilling, yet tiring. Santosh, an accomplished painter had devotedly provided solace through his beautiful works of art. A retirement deserves not having to worry about finances any more. But here she was! Having to desperately fend for money to stay alive, as treatment costs multiplied. This is where we stepped in to hold her hand. “bcpbf - THE CANCER FOUNDATION said Santosh Verma where a team of top oncologists works tirelessly every day to help patients like my wife Shyamoshree in their fight against cancer” While doctors offer their services free of cost, we still face a gap in funding for medications, which are often expensive for cancer treatment. Sadly like them, hundreds of cancer patients can’t afford treatment.