Affordable Cancer Care

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Biosimilars in Oncology-way to go?

The term “biosimilar” refers to a biological product that is highly similar to a licensed biological agent (reference or originator product) with no clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety, purity, or potency. Biological agents or “biologics” are widely used in oncology practice for cancer treatment and for the supportive management of treatment-related side effects.…

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‘Orphan Drugs Act’ a crying need in India

Orphan drugs are those used in the treatment of rare diseases (orphan diseases), hence the term orphan drugs. These drugs aren’t a lucrative proposition; therefore pharmaceutical companies do not spend a lot on their research and development. Given the challenges inherent in bringing any new medicine to market – which when research failures are accounted…

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The Price of Staying Alive with Cancer

The World Trade Organisation and Big Pharma believe that the intellectual property of the companies must be protected, and came up with Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). In India, all drugs were generics before 2005 because there were no product patents for pharmaceuticals. India became fully TRIPS compliant in 2005 through the introduction…

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